Elerent Cefalu

Elerent Cefalù

Elerent Cefalù has been able to develop a project able to respect the environment and to strengthen the tourist tours by combining ecology with eco-sustainable tourism. In addition to the…

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Madonie MTB Resort

The Madonie MTB Association Resort was founded in 2009. This is a long-term project that was undertaken by the public body of the Madonie Natural Park and the Municipalities belonging…

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Solemar Academy

The Solemar Academy Italian language school is a short walk from the beautiful beach of ​​Cefalu. The originally and creatively furnished classrooms are equipped with wi-fi and air conditioning. It is…

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Parafly in Cefalu

We Fly Parasail offers a series of activities to spend your free time during summer days in Cefalù. The main activity is Parafly, in single or in tandem: a ride…

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Quad Excursions

The magnificent Madonie Natural Park provides the opportunity to admire some magnificent scenery with its dirt tracks, imposing trees, rivers and so many different species of flora and fauna all…

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Nature Explorers Sicily

This is all about walking in unison with the earth’s natural rhythms to discover the local flora and fauna or even in search of the rural traditions of the area…

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La Nassa Pescaturismo

A boat trip that offers an experience that combines gastronomy and culture: La Nassa Pescaturismo offers unique excursions that are one of a kind. The magnificent scenery that is provided…

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Basket Camp Cefalù

The Basket Camp started in 2011 on a local level. We had organized a Day Camp, in other words, a day during which the children could arrive at 08.30/09.00 in…

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