Notti O’Tunn

Notti O’Tunn is located within a historic palazzo that belonged to an important family in Geraci Siculo. The building has been restored with great care being taken to retain the…

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The Dimora dei Frati, the MyHomeSpa, Le Casette and the Forest Lodge are all representations of the spirit of Wundergarten. They are the response to the varied requests and needs…

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masseria susafa polizzi generosa


Susafa’s story began more or less 800 years ago when the whole area was known as Susafa and was a benefice of the Teutonic knights. Even in those far distant…

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Kentia & Co – Sushi e Wine Bar

In the heart of Cefalù, in one of the busiest streets of the historic centre, you will find Kentia&Co Sushi and Wine Bar. Kentia has been welcoming customers since 2015,…

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