Cefalù.it is an on-line magazine that aims to tell people about the delights of Cefalù and the Madonie region’s Natural Park and surrounding areas. This is a quick and innovative way to provide a unique experience for tourists and visitors who want to enjoy a high-quality product.


Our Mission Statement

Exclusivity and excellence are the themes that will accompany us in this editorial project that will show off the true beauty of this splendid Norman city of Cefalù.  Our intention is to share as much information as possible regarding our enchanting location as we highlight the delights that can be enjoyed in this area, thus encouraging a high-class tourist industry in Sicily.

Cefalù has so many charms that there is really something for everyone ranging from the beaches to historic monuments and fun places to see or visit.  Every corner of Cefalù provides a new discovery of something incomparably beautiful and attractive.  Year after year, thousands of tourists come to visit this enchanting Sicilian city of ours.

Describing Cefalù in a different way to the norm and thanks to the exclusive narrative that covers our region, we are sure that this will generate an even greater interest in our city which can only result in more and more new visitors coming here in search of a unique experience and an unforgettable stay, thanks to the excellent descriptions that can be found on Cefalù.it

There are so many possibilities for those who want to go shopping, have fun in the local area and enjoy the gastronomic specialities that are typical of this region.

In order to highlight this great opportunity further, we want to incorporate all the results of what commitment and hard work can achieve in this ambitious project of contributing to an improved image of the product that is Cefalù.

In view of this growing community, we would like to define this interaction as a communal investment of time and effort which can grant both these aspects a real possibility of growing in unison, thus enhancing the value of this land and all it has to offer.