The excellence of Cefalù’s culinary wonderland

The restaurants of Cefalù share one common goal, which is to display and enhance the gastronomic traditions of Sicily by using quality local products. Passionate and highly-skilled chefs prepare amazing dishes, designed to take guests on a culinary journey full of new tastes. To experience Cefalù’s smorgasbord of culinary delights, guests should be on the lookout for quality foods, as well as dishes that incorporate local traditional cooking, or those that are Slow Food products. A successful restaurant knows how to combine the local delicacies with a sprinkling of creative magic from the chefs, and therefore creating something new and unusual. Visitors will return to Cefalù for the amazing landscapes, the sea, the ancient beauty of the village, but also to re-experience the amazing food.

Passafiume Bistrot

They started out by marketing aperitives and snacks like bars and nightclubs but nowadays, Passafiume Cantina Bistrot has opened its own kitchen and has become an eatery. This is not just any kitchen. It is very modern…

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Cuisine and art meet on the plate and inside the Galleria Ristorante premises thanks to the presence of a highly qualified chef and a careful selection of events, including music, pictorial exhibitions and initiatives.

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cortile pepe ristorante a cefalu

Cortile Pepe

Cortile Pepe is an exclusive restaurant in the historic centre of Cefalù that was born out of a passion for catering that spans forty years for Toti Fiduccia and his wife, Lidia, his companion in both his…

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Qualia. A-typical sicilian cuisine

The idea for Qualia arose in 2016 thanks to a brave decision: having gained a wide range of experience abroad in some of the best starred restaurants in northern Europe, the desire to return to their homeland…

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Cala Luna

Cala Luna is an open-air restaurant with an open kitchen outspread on a green lawn looming over the stacks and one of the most beautiful views of the Cefalù coastline. The restaurant is praised for its Sicilian…

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Le Chat Noir

The history of the Black Cat, Le Chat Noir, began in the ’90s in via Carlo Bordonaro in Cefalù, thanks to the passion of the Natoli family, who over time have transformed a simple bakery into what…

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La Brace

La Brace è un accogliente ristorante nel cuore del centro storico di Cefalù, a pochi passi dalla celebre cattedrale arabo-normanna, che offre un’ampia selezione di piatti interessanti ed una cantina di elevata qualità a prezzi concorrenziali. Nasce…

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La Quercia

The gourmet restaurant “La Quercia” which is located inside the Vallegrande Resort is open every day (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) both to the hotel’s guests and to non-residents. This top-level restaurant is the jewel in the…

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