The culinary tradition of Cefalù and the Madonie lands

Rich with influences of the past and of the cultures that inhabited it, the gastronomy of Cefalù brings with it the traces of an ancient and spicy cuisine, enhanced by the great number of products that Sicily has to offer, that come both from the land and from the sea. The food and the rich culinary tradition make of a city like Cefalù a true hallmark: the discovery of recipes and gastronomic specialities such as the famous pasta a taianu (pasta in a saucepan), is the crucial “stop” for every traveller, every visitor or citizen. The food at the centre of an experiential path that traditionally combines the creativity and innovation of local chefs like Andrea Berton or Antonio Di Maggio who, like many young chefs, have returned to Sicily to enhance and promote their land through cooking.

Giuseppe Costantino, chef di Terrazza Costantino a Scaflani Bagni

Giuseppe Costantino

A passion discovered by chance, that became a job thanks to the trattoria of his parents and then a “role” in his own restaurant, Terrazza Costantino: Giuseppe Costantino does not like to call himself a chef but rather a cook, not only because sometimes the term is abused or used in a wrong context, but also for reasons of honesty with regard to his kitchen.

Davide Catalano

Davide Catalano was born chef almost by chance, observing his mother and great-aunt. The first experiences in Italy that in Northern Europe alongside illustrious chefs. The products and their seasonality are a fundamental element of his kitchen


Sandro Cicero

Sandro Cicero, 41, married with one child and another on the way, is a young chef with plenty of experience in Italy (Tuscany and Aosta Valley) and abroad (USA and Sweden). Professionally equipped and with an abundance of energy, he creates precise and defined dishes- never banal


Fabio Natoli

For Fabio Natoli, cooking means “innovation” but with a categorical imperative: using Sicilian products, such as anchovies and sardines, ingredients that embellish every dish, which have the flavor of the real kitchen, the best one, that of the grandmother


Davide Giambruno

Davide Giambruno’s cooking philosophy is based on tradition, local products that are characteristic of a nation as strong as ours, enriching it all with modern techniques and giving an appearance to the dish that increases palatability, with fresh and harmonious colours.


Giovanni Lullo

Chef Giovanni Lullo began his career by taking Niko Romito’s training course at Casadonna Reale in Castel di Sangro and then continued to work there when the restaurant was assigned its third Michelin star and for the next 18 months in the role of entrée and petit patisserie head chef.

Antonio Di Maggio

According to Antonio Di Maggio, the traditional limitations of cooking are now in the past. In fact, a modern cook must be able to prepare anything, from starters to desserts. Currently, a chef at the Galleria restaurant in Cefalù


Aldo Iannarella

He has a lot of experience in the field and a sincere passion for cooking that he says is part of his DNA. Born in Campania, and currently living in Sicily, chef Aldo Iannarella comes from two regions where there is a strong link with the culinary arts and gastronomy, bringing with him an indispensable “natural” and cultural background.