Manna- A heavenly gift

Manna, the ash tree sap, is a traditional product, harvested in the wild and resplendent land of the Madonie, more precisely between Pollina and Castelbuono. and, as a result, it is part of the list of traditional agricultural and food products drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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La Rocca, a shell of art and history

Characterised, on all sides, by high cliffs that rise up to about 130 meters above sea level, the main access to La Rocca consists of a gully that opens on the west side. Although most of the architectural remains found here date back to the Middle Ages, the archaeological research has shown traces of human presence on La Rocca of Cefalù since prehistoric times.

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Spiaggia Sant'Ambrogio Cefalu

An oasis of tranquillity: the Sant’Ambrogio beach in Cefalù

What better way to spend the warm and endless summer days than to lie on a lovely beach with the warm wind gently caressing your face? Or maybe to observe the movement of the waves with just one thought in mind: the wish to never remove the scent of the sea breeze from your skin. It is known, however, that sometimes the days at the beach can be not quite as relaxing, due to the crowd that often assaults the most beautiful and well-known places. If your idea of a holiday is that of an intimate and private experience, made of quiet moments away from the chaos, then the Sant’Ambrogio beach in Cefalù is the best pick for you.

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Between the mountains and the sea, the beach of Mazzaforno: a bay only three kilometres away from Cefalù

Located only three kilometres from Cefalù, Mazzaforno is a seaside resort that gives its name to the seaside coves, to the sandy and rocky beaches and to the sea of emerald and turquoise colours. A stretch of coastline that can be easily reached from the trunk road SS113 heading towards Palermo and following the directions for Mazzaforno, by the gates of the old Norman town.

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A trip along the coast of Pollina to discover its beaches

Eleven kilometres after Cefalù, along the trunk road, as we look over the sea, we can admire that wonderful coast of the town of Pollina. There is a series of beautiful bays there that, as in many Sicilian places, present the most fascinating paradox of nature: on one side we have the beach with the infinite expanse of the sea, on the other – the greenery of the high hills and mountains.

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spiaggia cefalu

The enchanting beauty of the beaches of Cefalù

From the fine sands to the jagged rocks, from the gravel shores to the crystalline waters, the beaches of Cefalù are among the most beautiful in all of Sicily. Set at the foot of a rocky cliff, it faces the boundless sea: Cefalù is one of the most beautiful Sicilian villages and one of the most sought-after seaside resorts that attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world every year.

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