Native Lush Experience

The Dimora dei Frati, the MyHomeSpa, Le Casette and the Forest Lodge are all representations of the spirit of Wundergarten. They are the response to the varied requests and needs expressed by travellers over many years. They are different expressions of a unique philosophy: that of natural luxury. Modern hospitality in a place that is restorative and focussed on the guests’ wellbeing through a personalised touch for those travellers with a “green” soul or those who are simply curious or those who just enjoy being pampered.

In a wild botanical garden with views towards the Mediterranean, Wundergarten can offer its guests a natural luxury experience far away from anything grandiose or ostentatious, sequestered far away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of the typical Sicilian tourist destinations. Here the world stops and merges with a sense of wonderment, a combination of wildness and wellness that is linked to relaxation, wellbeing, regeneration, awareness, knowledge, the quest to find the authentic Sicily that is magical and dynamic, that unfailingly manages to surprise with its many natural (and architectural) marvels. All of this is just waiting to be discovered by the attentive and careful traveller who is ready to give in to the luxury of self-discovery.

Therefore, Wundergarten is also a philosophy that is about sharing the wonders of life, a garden full of wonders – both real and imagined, which can be found in the midst of the Madonie Regional Natural Park in the village of Gratteri in the magical woods that look out towards the sea and provide a habitat that is both natural and welcoming.


Art, design, beauty and respect for nature are the values that are encapsulated in this concept of somewhere unique in which to spend your holiday.

There is undoubtedly no greater or more surprising beauty than that which Nature offers us every day and there is no better way to enjoy these delights than that linked to hospitality of an excellent standard.