serra guarneri cefalu

Serra Guarneri: a dive into nature

Stretching over 20 hectares, at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level, the Guarneri forest emerges above Sant’Ambrogio, a hamlet of the Municipality of Cefalù.


FM, An entirely made in Sicily cigar

Seamlessly from Cuba to Sicily, a distance that is only revealed by a geographical map: the island returns to being a place of tobacco production after an interval of over…

via bordonaro cefalù

Bordonaro street life

Via Bordonaro is a delightful little street which was little known until recently and which now displays many little bars and restaurants


Manna- A heavenly gift

Manna, the ash tree sap, is a traditional product, harvested in the wild and resplendent land of the Madonie, more precisely between Pollina and Castelbuono. and, as a result, it…