Abbiamo conosciuto Cefalù una decina di anni fa durante una breve vacanza […]


We first came to Sicily in the summer of 2005 and hired a car to explore the island […]

Valerie and PaulValerie and Paul

Have you ever visited Sicily? Sicily holds some of the worlds most historic towns and is home to generous and hospitable people, and this includes the town of Cefalu. […]


18 things to do in cefalu

Cefalu è una cittadina davvero bellissima, una delle tante perle siciliane […]

Gianni MerroneGianni Merrone - Capo Villaggio Club Med

The city is blessed with so much: the location, the setting, the climate, architecture […]

Allan BayntonAllan Baynton

We fell in love with this little fishing village […]

Frode GabrielsenFrode Gabrielsen

Cefalú is a wonderful town I have had the pleasure to visit on numerous occasions […]

Fabio D’AndreaFabio D'Andrea

Cefalù è una delle località turistiche estive più note e belle della Sicilia. E’ un misto tra un piccolo borgo medioevale […]


Di ordinaria casualità

Though it’s one of the most ravishing places in the Mediterranean, one which can prove dangerously addictive for anyone […]


A perfect holiday in Sicily

The island of Sicily floats off the toe of the boot of Italy, in the centre of the Mediterranean […]


In the second of a six-part series produced in association with Footprint Travel Guides, Mary-Ann Gallagher celebrates an epic island