Have you ever visited Sicily? Sicily holds some of the worlds most historic towns and is home to generous and hospitable people, and this includes the town of Cefalu. […]

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Cefalù è una delle località turistiche estive più note e belle della Sicilia. E’ un misto tra un piccolo borgo medioevale […]

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Though it’s one of the most ravishing places in the Mediterranean, one which can prove dangerously addictive for anyone […]

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The island of Sicily floats off the toe of the boot of Italy, in the centre of the Mediterranean […]

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Italian isle Sicily is one of Europe’s most under rated gems and has everything a holidaymaker could ask for […]

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Motivi? Un pezzo di storia che ri-apre, un pezzo di storia che vi chiede di tuffarvici,un pezzo di storia che ci ha rubato il cuore […]

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From popular beaches where cafes serve fish straight off the boat to nature reserves and hidden coves […]

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We spent three nights in Cefalù, a beautiful town on the sea. Hugging a curve of the coastline […]

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A bubbling and vivacious fishing village, Cefalu is a darling knot of streets and beach. […]

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