Ippo club Cefalu

Ippo Club Cefalu

Enjoy a bit of riding fun by visiting the Ippo club in Cefalu next time you visit this awesome Sicily location.  Horses are wonderful creatures of nature and one that is simply majestic to ride.


With the professional staff at Ippo Club they will give you lessons if you’ve never ridden as well. This means your young child can learn to ride from an early age.  Ippo Club will set your child up with one of the more quiet animals for the lessons, which will help your child feel even more secure as they get on the back of these beautiful animals.


Also with Ippo Club you can check out their various excursions!  A way to have fun and learn a new hobby, this is what they offer you at Ippo Club in Cefalu!

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The Museum In Cefalu A Nice Day To Explore Cefalu History

Museo Mandralisca in Cefalu, Siciliy COMMISSIONED FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE

If you visit Cefalu, the wonderful and beautiful location in Sicily, there is a must see spot, it’s the museum.  A place where you can find wonderful art, and so much more.  The Museo Mandralisca is a spot that will have any visit to this location topped with seeing some of the best art in the area, and some once hidden treasures.

Cefalu used to be a location that very few people knew about, but now it’s become the spot to vacation!  With beaches, mountains, and beauty beyond any expectation, it’s really a spot to visit at least one time in your life, if not many!

You’ll find the museum down a short side street, and not at all too far from the location of the cathedral.  The collection is wonderful and was placed thanks to the work of Enrico Piraino (1809-64), he was the Baron of Mandralisca.  A man who loved archaeology and was an amateur, he helped in excavating the island Lipari.

Perhaps one of the greatest treasures you’ll find in the museum is the Ignoto Marinaio, painted by Antonello da Messina.  With only a few of his paintings having survived to modern day, it’s quite nice to see one of the dozen that is left in this museum.  If you visit the Museo Mandralisca you have a chance to see this masterpiece among many other wonderful works of art!

“Fun time for kids in beautiful surroundings”

Parco Avventura madonie ,fun time for kids in the Madonie Park

Madonie Park

Parco avventura petralia one special day in Cefalu


This is a fun adventure playground among the trees in the stunning area of the Madonie mountains in Sicily. It offers rope/ladder walking from tree to tree, cable slides and so on at various levels of difficulty (starting 3/4 years old up to adults). There is also an area for bbq and picnic. It is run by very nice young people. English not great but you need to watch rather than listen to instructions (how to attach the harness, how to go from tree to tree, etc.). It also offers tents in the trees, mountain biking, archery, etc.