My Visit in Cefalu

Linda Lindforff is the name, and you can find my blog at  I’ve been visiting Cefalu for many years, and this year I stayed at a fabulous villa named Villa Borghetto.  This place was the best I’ve seen in many locations.

As you can see from all the pictures we were near a beach and the kids and I got to enjoy them each day we stayed in Cefalu.  The people in this location are the best too, so friendly and pleasant, willing to help you with just about anything.

Plus the museum in the area gave me a chance to share the local culture and history with the kids as well.  Talk about a well-rounded trip of not only fun, but education as well!

If you are looking for a new vacation spot, check out Cefalu too.  You’ll find the beaches are fabulous, the scenery is wondrous, and the people are second to none.  Try and stay at the same villa as we did, you won’t be sorry!