The Top Beaches in Cefalù

One of the main attractions in Cefalu for many people is the beach. There is a string of beaches along the coastline here all in the one area, but when you see them you will no doubt agree there is little need for any others elsewhere. Indeed, a little research on peoples’ opinions online reveals that of 492 reviews of the Cefalu beaches on one site alone, 459 of those ranked it as either very good or excellent. Personally I would not argue with that! Cefalu really does know how to cater for those who love nothing better than a charming beach and there are many reasons why this is the case.

Firstly there is the presence of some delightful sandy stretches of beach here. Not only is it a very clean beach but it only very gradually slopes into the water. That’s another good point to note about Cefalu beaches – the waters here tend to be quite calm and good for paddling, although it does of course depend on the weather conditions.

If you go during the height of the season you can expect it to get busy. However although Cefalu does receive many visitors during the peak season it is far from reaching the heights that other more crowded places reach. The beaches are also well-organised for the most part, with opportunities to use the public showers in one case and also the chance to rent umbrellas and sun loungers. As far as families are concerned there is a lot to suggest that Cefalu could provide you with the perfect destination during summer.