The Top Attractions in Cefalù

Cefalu dates back to Greek times, although it had a somewhat rocky history to begin with. Evidence of it appears and disappears throughout history but it has all led to the beautiful city that exists today.

One of the finest sights you can look forward to is undoubtedly the cathedral. Its official name is the Cathedral-Basilica of Cefalu, and it holds a dominant position within the city itself. It is almost a thousand years old and has no doubt seen many changes and plenty of drama during that time. Both the interior and exterior of the cathedral are quite impressive, and it is worth visiting at dusk to see the cathedral lit in all its glory, with the sky reducing to a deepening blue behind it.

While you are visiting the cathedral do find the time to appreciate Piazza Duomo as well. This is a delightful corner of Cefalu, attractively finished with flourishing palm trees and offering several places where you can order a drink or snack and enjoy a good view of the cathedral itself.

If you are partial to visiting the occasional museum on holiday, you will find just the one in Cefalu. This is the Mandralisca Museum, named after the Baron of the same name who was quite the art collector. It appears small to begin with but each room gives way to another series of rooms boasting yet more artefacts. Perhaps the finest and most famous item here is the portrait of an unknown man, which has been likened by many to the Mona Lisa, even though it is far less famous.

Another of the main attractions here is Cefalu itself. The city has largely developed around its historical roots. These remain today as the classic historic centre, while the more modern elements of it have developed and spread out over the years. Do make sure you pay particular attention to the old town, since it is made up of some character-filled streets that wind their way around the area. Some are quite narrow with buildings rising up above you on either side, while others lend their way to the discovery of a charming café with outdoor tables, or perhaps a small row of shops.

From the beach you will no doubt look up to the rocky crag that dominates the skyline over Cefalu itself. For an altogether different view of the city you can head to the top of the crag (known as La Rocca) when the weather is reasonable. Doing it on a very hot day is inadvisable, and whenever you do it you should take ample supplies of water and the odd snack too. It isn’t a long journey to reach the top but it is a steep climb.