Biologic Farm: Azienda Biologica Catalfamo

Biologic Farm: Azienda Biologica Catalfamo

Want to see just what a biological farm looks like?  While visiting Cefalu, check out Azienda Biologica Catalfamo.  Full of trees, fruit, olive and vegetables as well.  Not only that they have a small zoo to view as well, including horses, donkeys and other animals.  Walk through the woods and see some of nature, like hedgehogs, roe-deer or even foxes.  Plus you’ll see a variety of birds too.  It’s beautiful and a place where you can forget about the outside world.

azienda agricola catalfamo


Even a spot where you can choose to spend a bit of time!  They have apartments that you can rent to enjoy this lovely area for a longer bit of time.  Whether you want a small studio or a larger 2 bedroom, they have both available.

Staying in one of those places will give you the chance to enjoy the farm even more and to view Lake Garda as well.  With oaks, orchards of fruit trees and the olive trees, plus some of the most extraordinary orchids you can see in the wild.

You can enjoy a walk or climb some of the steeper hills, and even try some mountain biking or surfing as well.  This location is one that will offer you so much to do and so many opportunities for pictures to take to share with loved ones back home!

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Norwegian Activities and Sports in town

Cefalu offers Norwegian friends a chance to enjoy the lovely Sicily location and also enjoy plenty of sports and activities while vacationing.  Each year you can visit Cefalu and enjoy a visit to the fitness center in town, or you can do something outdoors.

Plenty of trekking around options are available in Cefalu, and you can enjoy other sports lessons as well.  Maybe even try your hand at cooking lessons, so you can learn how to create a fabulous Sicilian meal for your Norwegian friends and other new friends you meet while in Cefalu!

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A Day in Palermo

one day in Palermo

Palermo is a beautiful city in Sicily, Italy and has an ever-changing character to it. This amazing city is full of museums, markets, baroque jostle and Arabian domes. Describing Palermo as a fascinating city does not even begin to do justice, as it’s somewhat like a completely different world from something you would normally see around the globe. With its own perfect style and flair, this city is definitely one of a kind. Palermo has hundreds of things to do, but when you only have one day, it can be difficult to look at your options and figure out what you want to do.

Walk the Via Vittorio Emanuele

Some of the best gems can be found here, and all you have to do is simply walk around. It’s home to the Palazzo dei Normanni, which is a Norman palace full of mosaic and home to the regional government of Sicily. While walking you will also be able to see all of the buildings that were built in the styles of Byzantine, Arab and Norman, which pays homage to the days when it was controlled by such regions. The Quattro Canti, or the Four Corners, are fountains and statues that can be found where the Via Maqueda and the Via Vittori Emanuele connect.

Vine & Co – Piazza Marina

If you’re big on wine then you simply will not want to miss this location, considering the fact that Sicily is one of the biggest wine producers in Italy. This location allows customers to fill a five litre jug full of either white or red wine and take it with you, no small plastic bottles.

Palermo’s Duomo

This amazing building was constructed by the Normans during 1184 and added to later on by the Spaniards, an architect from Naples and the Goths. It stands in front of Via Vittorio Emanuele’s Duomo, which allows you to pin point the additions that were added over time by each individual groups, considering the styles don’t blend that well. Overall, this created an amazing architectural structure.

The Fontana Pretoria

Also known as the Fountain of Shame, this attraction was unveiled during 1575, and interestingly enough, citizens at that time thought this fountain to be very disgraceful, as it is located basically right between two of the churches that share Piazza Pretoria.

The Vucciria Market

There are a total of three openly aired markets to visit in Palermo, but this one is the best, considering it’s over 700 years old and shoppers both tourist and local absolutely love it. Dulce and Cabbana sunglasses as well as Prado handbags are just a few of the knock-off designer brands that can be found here, as well as fresh produce, household items, spices, cheeses and meats. This part of the city is also one of the more Arabic sections, and is open Monday through Sunday usually until 2:00 PM.

A day in Palermo will show you just how amazing Italy can be, especially when there is so much to do in walking distance.

The Top Beaches in Cefalù

One of the main attractions in Cefalu for many people is the beach. There is a string of beaches along the coastline here all in the one area, but when you see them you will no doubt agree there is little need for any others elsewhere. Indeed, a little research on peoples’ opinions online reveals that of 492 reviews of the Cefalu beaches on one site alone, 459 of those ranked it as either very good or excellent. Personally I would not argue with that! Cefalu really does know how to cater for those who love nothing better than a charming beach and there are many reasons why this is the case.

Firstly there is the presence of some delightful sandy stretches of beach here. Not only is it a very clean beach but it only very gradually slopes into the water. That’s another good point to note about Cefalu beaches – the waters here tend to be quite calm and good for paddling, although it does of course depend on the weather conditions.

If you go during the height of the season you can expect it to get busy. However although Cefalu does receive many visitors during the peak season it is far from reaching the heights that other more crowded places reach. The beaches are also well-organised for the most part, with opportunities to use the public showers in one case and also the chance to rent umbrellas and sun loungers. As far as families are concerned there is a lot to suggest that Cefalu could provide you with the perfect destination during summer.

Where is Cefalù Located in Sicily?

Cefalu is far from being the biggest city in Sicily. Yet it is a veritable hotspot as far as the tourism industry is concerned. You’ll find it in a coastal position (part of its charm no doubt) around halfway along the northern coastline of Sicily. It is a short distance to the north of the SS113, the main road that runs along the northern stretch of coast. Look to the west on a map and you’ll see Palermo, the capital of the island as a whole. Head along the coast to the east meanwhile and you will come across such destinations as Cap D’orlando, Milazzo and eventually Messina. While the latter would be a little too far to go on a day trip out of Cefalu, it does give you an idea of where Cefalu itself is located.