Find A Friend In Cefalu

In Cefalu you’ll find the friendliest people in the world.  A highly loved destination located in Sicily, it’s really a spot to discover so much beauty and beaches.  Many people love the beaches they can visit in Cefalu, while others love the fact they can meet up with locals who are friendly and will gladly share a bit of wine and some great stories about the area!  So take a trip and maybe you’ll run into the locals like Peppe, Paulo, or Billy, and hear their fabulous stories, while sharing that wine!


Massimo,peppe,billy and Paolo

Norwegian Activities and Sports in town

Cefalu offers Norwegian friends a chance to enjoy the lovely Sicily location and also enjoy plenty of sports and activities while vacationing.  Each year you can visit Cefalu and enjoy a visit to the fitness center in town, or you can do something outdoors.

Plenty of trekking around options are available in Cefalu, and you can enjoy other sports lessons as well.  Maybe even try your hand at cooking lessons, so you can learn how to create a fabulous Sicilian meal for your Norwegian friends and other new friends you meet while in Cefalu!

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