Pizzeria al Girotondo

pizzeria girotondo cefaluThis phenomenal pizza place is located smack dab in the middle of Cefalu, and use a wooden stove to cook each of their pizzas. They offer pizza that is prepared with excellent, fresh, quality ingredients to suit any and all tastes, with bruschetta available as well. This delicious pizzeria also offers a large selection of appetizers and pizzas that include seafood, organic vegetables and anything you can think of.

You are able to choose pre-built pizzas, or you can create your own with their range of condiments available. They also serve some of the best wines and beers in all of Cefalu, which proves that this pizzeria has everything. Everything created in this pizzeria follows the traditional Neapolitan recipe, and baked in a wood oven to enhance the overall crunchiness, flavor and fragrance.

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