The Nangalarruni Restaurant

Italy has some of the best restaurants that the world has to offer, especially when it comes to the ingredients that are used. At the Nangalarruni Ristorante, only the freshest mushrooms are used, especially since they specialize in this ingredient more than others. With amazing appetizers, first courses and main courses that all include mushrooms, how could you not love this place? If you are a mushroom fanatic then this is the restaurant for you, without a doubt.

One of the dishes that is recommended by the chefs is the Bollicine Bruschette and Oil Novello, which is loin smoked in tobacco along with a salad of oranges and cooked must that is reduced, roast beef with orange, flan mushrooms and potato soup with leek. This dish was phenomenal and highly recommended for anyone who is looking for something that they have never tasted before, or anything remotely close.

The restaurant overall has such a friendly, welcoming traditional Italian ambiance to it, even the locals comment on how amazing it is, and gives everyone a taste of something different. Quality ingredients, including the freshest mushrooms you will ever find, are the only thing allowed on the menu here. You can really taste how fresh the ingredients are, like the mushrooms were picked seconds before they were put on a plate. Specific meals are created to enhance the overall flavor, which just adds to the performance that these finished plates give off

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