There are not many hotels inside the town of Cefalu in Italy, however, there are plenty of gorgeous bed and breakfast apartments. These were started because of the hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists that flock to this region every single year who needs to be accommodated.

The Hotel La Plumeria is the only large hotel in the entire town, and is the absolute best. It’s a mere one hundred and fifty meters away from the cathedral in the town, and is a historic building itself that is just two minutes walking distance from the gorgeous sea. Each room in this hotel comes with their very own balcony, air conditioning, a mini bar and feature television, with Wi-Fi in all public and private areas. Breakfast is served buffet style at La Plumeria, which is a huge plus for the majority of the guests who stay here and love to go shopping after they eat.

This gorgeous hotel offer guests free parking that is located eight hundred meters away from the building, and for those without vehicles, a free shuttle that leaves from the car park by request. Interestingly enough, Palermo is only forty five minutes away by car, plus the A20 Motorway is only six kilometers away.

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