Italy is full of gorgeous hotels that just click with all of the beautiful landscapes, but Cefalu has some of the best. When staying in Cefalu, especially if you are visiting for the first time, you want your experience to be the absolute best that it can be. The hotels here are big, bold and beautiful.

The Cefalu Sea Palace is the best hotel near the sea, and is very close to all the wonderful stores and restaurants that are near by. This amazing hotel is the perfect place to stay if you love looking at the sea, and wants to wake up and go to sleep to it every night. It’s incredibly close to the old town, and has an excellent Sicilian buffet. The staff is incredibly professional and will even let you change your room if you would like a better view of the sea from your room. The hotel has a spa, a gym and a swimming pool as well, which is better for those who would rather not swim in the sea, plus an enclosed patio for those who want to eat their meals outside. The hotel’s restaurant has high reviews, and is called the Sky Restaurant.

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The Hotel Kalura has nothing but panoramic views of the Rocca and Caldura Bay, and has special access to a platform that guests are able to jump and swim off of, plus a private beach that is extremely close to the location. There is also a scuba diving school, a tennis court and even a pool with a diving board. The style of the rooms in this luxurious hotel are Mediterranean, have air conditioning, satellite television, a minibar and a safe. The majority of the rooms have balconies that overlook Italy’s beautiful sea. Interestingly enough, there are photography, yoga and art classes that take place through March to November, you are able to rent bikes for cycling tours or free time. This amazing hotel is a mere two kilometers from the Cefalu center, parking is free and the A20 Motorway is just ten minutes from the hotel.

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The Hotel La Calette is a fair walk away from Cefalu, and is one of the most beautiful hotels that are located in a bay that overlooks the sea. The hotel has a spa, a private beach and even a green park for picnics or walks. The restaurant in the hotel services regional cuisine, and the hotel itself is only a few kilometers from the mountains of Madonie. The rooms at this amazing hotel come with pay television and are all air conditioned. You are able to book your room with either a view of the garden on location or the amazing sea.

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It’s no secret that Cefalu is quite the gem, but the hotels that can be found by the beach are some of the best in the entire region, which is why so many tourists choose to stay at these particular hotels.

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