Can I drive into the centre of Cefalu?

The traffic in the old town Centre is limited and parking is prohibited. Cars are only permitted from 05:00 – 09:30 and 13:00 -16:00. During the rest of the day you will have to use the ring-road which takes you around “the Rock” and the town Centre. It is possible for tourists who have just arrived to conveniently drive to their apartment and unload their luggage but they must immediately leave the restricted area without delay once luggage has been unloaded.

Parking in and around Cefalu

Driving in Cefalu during the summer is quite challenging… and sometimes finding a parking space is even more difficult. Most parking bays in Cefalu are indicated using blue lines on the road separating each parking bay. Any parking space with blue lines is payment required.

You must go to the parking ticket machine and put your money in the slot, and press the green button to print out a ticket. Put the ticket on your dashboard. One euro usually buys you one hour of parking space.

Just remember that it’s free to park before 09:00 and between 13:00 – 15:00. Parking spaces separated using yellow lines are for disabled or speciality vehicles and should be avoided at all times. White lined parking spaces are free. Alternatively, long yellow stripe-lined gaps are meant for the bus (and will be marked “Bus”).

There are a few private places to park in Cefalu. There is an outdoor parking area located along the main beach. They offer daily rates of between 5-10 Euros or weekly rates of around 50 Euros. The train station has a large private car park and costs 1 Euro per hour and is only an 800m walk to the main Piazza Duomo.

The port of Cefalu is another place to park. There are places to park for free at the port, but make sure you do not park along the main road on the way down to the port of you will receive a fine. If you don’t find any spaces, drive down to the Port and park in front of the Pizzeria/Restaurant La Tavernetta.

You could also try the road behind the station, called, Via Pietragrossa, you can park along the road and if you continue on round to the right (you will see a parking area in corner) find some parking spaces here.

Look out for the sign, “Divieto di Sosta” which means NO PARKING. A blue circle with one red line through it (passo carrabile) means you can’t park – i.e., blocks a passageway or someone’s garage. . A blue circle with a red criss-cross means you can’t park OR stand. Remember, in general, parking is never allowed in front of doorways – homes or businesses – and garages.

You will also come across parking spaces which have no markings or strips. No stripes also mean that parking is free! Unless, of course: You see a vertical parking sign next to the spot that indicates that parking is not free or there is a sign that indicates that parking is only free for a certain time period. In all likelihood, your rental car will have a parking disc (disco orario) already attached to its windshield, but if not, you can buy one at a tobacco store or gas station. Move the dial with your fingers to indicate at what time you arrived. This goes for white stripe-blocked parking spots, too. Just remember that when what you see on the ground contradicts what you read on a nearby vertical parking sign – the vertical sign trumps the horizontal parking indications.

If, despite everything, you find yourself the owner of an Italian parking penalty (multa), expect to pay around 35 euro, depending on the gravity of the violation. The ticket will either be stuck underneath your windshield wiper or mailed to your house. And if you find your car towed, your first stop is the Vigili Urbani sector of the Italian police force – just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If you have been fined for parking follow the link below:

Municipal Police of Cefalu