Italy is known for their amazing authentic cuisine, with pastas and pizzas as far as the eye can see. Cefalu has some of the best bakeries, restaurants, bistros and cafes that anyone could ever imagine. Hundreds of people visit this city for the food and they are never left unsatisfied.

The number one restaurant that everyone has loved in Cefalu since it opened in 1975, is the Biscottificio Pasticceria Mocciaro. This bakery is not only a local favorite among all of the restaurants and bakeries that Cefalu has to offer, but a tourist favorite as well. From biscuits to breakfast pastries, this bakery literally has it all when it comes to amazing food. They even offer products that are designed specifically for those who have dietary needs, as well as low-calorie options.

Ristorante La Brace is another amazing restaurant that is the perfect place to have lunch, dinner or even to have a few drinks and something good to eat with friends after work. This restaurant also takes reservations in case you are coming with a large party, or even if you want to secure a specific table for the night. Ristorante La Brace also uses local ingredients to create the best local cuisine possible.

L’Angolo Delle Dolcezze Pasticceria Gelateria is the best place to go to if you are looking for authentic Italian gelato, ice cream and various pastries. They also serve vegetarian options as well, which is an added plus. Some of their famous foods are Frutta Martonara, cannolis, le pastarelle, al burro, al mandarino, al limone, all’arancia, biscotti alla mandoria and al pistacchio. They also offer the Sicilian version, which is nothing but a classic, of the traditional ice cream sandwich. They are also very famous for their small balls made out of dough that come with a sweet ricotta.

Other amazing restaurants include La Botte, Tivitti, Baglio del Falco, Vecchia Marina, and La Galleria.

The Al Faro can be found along the coastline, and offers authentic Italian food, as well as Mediterranean. The atmosphere at this restaurant is nothing but perfect, considering the fact that the majority of the tables are outside and just a few feet from the beautiful sea. Unlike the majority of the restaurants in town, this one is incredibly easy to get to by car, or you can walk across the coast to reach it. All of the food is homemade and very light, and uses local seafood for their cuisine. Al Faro even makes their own noodles for pasta, which is something that adds extra care and flavor to each dish that it is used in.

Italy is known for it’s amazing, out of this world, authentic cuisine and it’s no secret that there are food places that are complete gems spread all over the country. Even though Cefalu is a small, old city, it still has the biggest, the boldest and the brightest tastes that Italy has to offer.

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