The small town of Cefalu that is located on Sicily’s northern coast has nothing but charm, a beautiful atmosphere and sand as far as the eye can see.

When it comes to seeing the sights in Cefalu, every corner holds nothing but beauty and absolute grace. The fishing port that is actually quite ancient is dominated by a magnificent Norman cathedral that is huddled right below the Rocca, which is a large limestone crag. Cefalu has something that everyone can enjoy, whether it’s a day at the beach watching the water, or wandering around taking in all the sights.

One of the best things to see in Cefalu in the Festa di San Salvatore that takes place during the first weekend of August, from the 4th to the 6th. Hundreds of men participate in the traditional barefoot dash, the Corsa degil Scalzi, between San Salvatore and Cabras. The run itself is spread over a two day period, and commemorates the episode during 1506, where all the townspeople rushed to save a statue in San Salvatore. This statue was from the Moorish sea raiders, and was the Holy Savior.

There are many traditions in Cefalu, Italy, but the most popular one is the Ntinna a Mari. This is one of the most exciting things to see while in Cefalu, because all of the residents love participating. Cefalu is famous for their fishing ports, which is something to see in itself, but this tradition is something that should never be missed while visiting or living there.

These events begin on the Saturday, everyone participating is dressed in white and barefoot, and accompany the statue that is along eight kilometers of paths that leads to San Salvatore. However, this portion is just the halfway point. The day after, they go backwards and take the statue all the way back to Cabras, so it can be kept safe in the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. This festival is extremely important to the people of Cefalu, and is not one that should be missed

This popular event is a race that perfectly captures the essence that a man has with the sea, and encourages both the young and the old fisherman to stay running on top of a tree trunk over the ocean, in hopes of grabbing the flag that is attached to the tip. Once someone has grabbed the flag, they belt out the victory cry of “Long Live the Holy Savior”. Afterwards, the audience responds the same and the after party begins in celebration. This traditional is said to go all the way back to 1783, and was created for the active and vigilant sailors during the time where the seas were calm, but on the bow of their boats.

The town of Celafu, Italy in Siciliy is full of festivals and traditions that have nothing but history, are filled with fun and something that everyone can enjoy. When it comes to all of the sights to see in Cefalu, the festivals and traditions are among the best.

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