Italy is full of beautiful beaches that any traveler, as well as the locals, will automatically fall in love with at first sight. Cefalu is packed with seaside resorts that line the beautiful section of the coast, right where these long beaches alternate with the long lines of rock where the small bays are open away from the crowds. There are so many gems that these beaches have to offer, never mind the sight of them itself. Italy is a country that is filled with the best sights, sounds and especially smells, so it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of people flock to them each year during their vacations.

Il Lungomare, which translates to “the Promenade”, is one point five kilometers of sandy beach, that is equipped with varies establishments to rent umbrellas and beach chairs for all their visitors. During the months of July and August this beach become very crowded during the weekend, and is very ideal for families alike because of the safe, shallow water.

The Mazzaforno beach is approximately three kilometers west from Cefalu, and has many smaller beaches that alternate with the surrounding rocks. This allows the beaches to be accessible through many different paths. At the main beach there are bathing establishments and bars, which is ideal for couples or adults in general, and is incredibly sandy.

The Settefrati beach is absolutely gorgeous and is a local favorite. This beach comes equipped with a snack bar, restaurants not far from the water, showers, sunbeds, a cloakroom, a telephone and umbrellas for all visitors. Lifeguards patrol this beach to ensure that tourists and locals alike are all safe. There are also various holiday houses that are up for rent near and around the beach, which is perfect for couple and families with children who want to be close.

Saint’Ambrogio has two shingle beaches that are nothing but beautiful, and they are hardly crowded, even during the warmest summer months. This makes for a great day trip for those who want to sit on a beach chair with a good book and just relax. These beaches have the perfect atmosphere for tourists who are looking to explore the wonderful view that the Rocca has to offer, and can be accessed quite easily from the national road, SS113.

The beach at Caldura is one of the best beaches to do some exploring, as the steps that go down to the beach itself is quite a surrounding. Kalura is very quiet, like Saint’Ambrogio’s beaches, but going early in the morning is best, as the shade arrives during the afternoon quite quickly.

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