There are so many fun and exciting activities to do while in the city of Cefalu in Italy, that it can be hard to choose one. However, considering the fact that there is so much to do, how can one choose? There are many popular activities to do, such as going on a quad excursion with other locals and tourists, nature walks, ride around the villa on a bike, snorkel or dive, ride a horse, and even a water park for families to enjoy during the summer time.

When it comes to going on a quad excursion in Cefalu, there are many different packages that you can choose from. You can choose the package that will take you over the borders of Cefalu, which lasts an hour and is the perfect package for those who have never been on a quad before. This specific tour will take you to the mountain interior of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and will show you all of the beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see. The second package takes you up the trails of the “Ancient Shepherds”, the Gibilmanna Shrine and the slopes of the Pizzo Sant’ Angelo, which was a very sacred place ever since the times of the Arabs. You will also be able to see wild animals and various plants when you come down the mountain, which goes along the paths that are unpaved. With the second package, you will also get to see the medieval town on Castelbuono that is in the foothills of the Madonie, which is in a blend of rocks and green.

The third package, the Piano Battaglia package, will take you to the same places as the second package, but you will also get to have lunch in the Piano Battaglia inside of a mountain hut with some of the more typical Madonie products. You will also drive through Isnello and Gratteri while making your way back to Cefalu. This excursion is for those who have experience driving quads.

Acqua Verde is the perfect place to go when the days are too hot to handle and the kids are bored, because this water park is perfect for children. There is a designated area that is designed just for children that is secluded to the other parts of the water park, and includes a wave pool, sprinklers, a bar for food and a main pool that everyone can enjoy. For the parents there is a spa that offers massages and more. With a water park that’s packed with water slides, pools and more, what else could you ask for? This is the perfect place to spend a day with the family, because there is something for everyone to do if you do not all feel like doing the same thing.

When it comes to vacations, planning activities and sports for the entire family is just as important as going on the vacation itself, because it helps you to enjoy your trip that much more.

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