allan baynton


We are fortunate enough to have visited many different parts of the world but have yet to find anywhere we love more than Italy, and Sicily in particular. Then, within Sicily, it is to Cefalù that we have kept returning for over ten years now.

The city is blessed with so much: the location, the setting, the climate, architecture, history, gastronomy – you name it, I’m not even sure if the locals quite realise what a gem it is!

The people themselves, and Sicilians in general, are part of the attraction of course, with a well-deserved reputation for their hospitality.

Our favourite time to visit Cefalù is May-June or October-November but we enjoy it pretty much any time of the year. Fortunately, unlike many other destinations we have visited in Sicily and elsewhere, which go into a kind of hibernation outside of the tourist season, in and around Cefalù one can find plenty to do and plenty of shops and restaurants open all year round.

Allan Baynton