E-commerce, the “innovative” tradition

Adaptation is a good characteristic in a world increasingly projected toward “virtual”. It is important to keep up with those changes, which happen faster than predicted, from one day to…


FM, An entirely made in Sicily cigar

Seamlessly from Cuba to Sicily, a distance that is only revealed by a geographical map: the island returns to being a place of tobacco production after an interval of over…

via bordonaro cefalù

Bordonaro street life

Via Bordonaro is a delightful little street which was little known until recently and which now displays many little bars and restaurants


Villa Bordonaro, design in the center of Cefalù

Villa Bordonaro, a unique townhouse with contemporary style in the heart of medieval Cefalù. Design by Architect Mario Castrogiovanni from Cefalu. Following its recent renovation, Villa Bordonaro is now one…