Cefalù, the town that never sleeps

There are places in the world that don’t need a specific season to be attractive, as they have an intrinsic magic. One of these is Cefalù, the Norman town that never…


E-commerce, the “innovative” tradition

Adaptation is a good characteristic in a world increasingly projected toward “virtual”. It is important to keep up with those changes, which happen faster than predicted, from one day to…


A day of taste with Chef Nino

A day with chef Nino starts in the early morning, when you will meet at the Aspra market and choose the best fresh fish to be serve at the table.

serra guarneri cefalu

Serra Guarneri: a dive into nature

Stretching over 20 hectares, at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level, the Guarneri forest emerges above Sant’Ambrogio, a hamlet of the Municipality of Cefalù.