Sensational Sicily: Eat, drink and explore Roman ruins

Architectural treasures, delicious food and a wealth of cultural remnants from invasions over the past couple of thousand years or so are what give the Sicily of today its unique identity. Part of Italy it may be, but this sun-drenched island –the largest in the Mediterranean – has a heritage that includes Greek, Roman, Arab and even Norman infuences.

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Traces of these vastly different cultures are everywhere on this sun-drenched island, from its distinctive, flamboyant architecture to the world famous Sicilian cuisine. The major attractions here are well known – Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna, sent spectacular columns of lava high into the air as recently as a couple of months ago.

And its cities – such as Syracuse and nearby Catania – are packed with sunny squares and glorious historic churches. But for our summer holiday, we decided to explore Licata, a city on the south coast between Ragusa – where BBC Four’s popular Inspector Montalbano series is filmed – and Agrigento, home to Sicily’s most famous historical attraction, the Valley of the Temples.

It put us within reach of a cornucopia of cultural sites and beaches, although Licata is not well known itself – except by Second World War buffs as a landing point for invading Allied forces in 1943. It has its share of pretty churches as well as a castle and a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, La Madia, that attracts fine diners from all over the world.

After flying into the capital, Palermo – and driving our rental car three hours south – we reached our rental villa, Masseria Falamandrina, a renovated farmhouse with a glorious pool, all nestling in an olive grove on a working organic farm. The owner, Giulia, kindly presented us with a bottle of olive oil made on the premises. It was gorgeously fruity when poured over the caprese salads we made each day for our alfresco lunches on the villa’s shady terrace.

Licata’s attractions included an historical centre with imposing buildings and cafés offering refreshing coffee and gelato. Impressive edifces included the grand Palazzo Frangipane and Palazzo di Citá, an art nouveau building that overlooks the town’s central road crossing. Also worth seeing is the 18th-century Church of Santa Maria La Nova, which houses the famous ‘Black Crucifix,’ blackened during a fire set by the Turks during the 15th Century.

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Wedged between mountains and coastline, the idyllic town of Cefalu is small but popular for its sandy beaches, Sicilian restaurants, and vibrant nightlife scene. In summer the population of Cefalu can triple, making the main streets and major roads in the country crowded, but give it a youthful atmosphere and an impressively lively night life.


Cefalu is in the Province of Palermo, located on the northern coast of Sicily, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The town, with its population of just under 14,000, is one of the major tourist attractions in the region. Despite its size, every year it attracts millions of tourists from all over Italy and Europe.

Edilio Riccini

Edilio Riccini Artist

Changing scrap into poetry, you can get the book that explains the various works of Edilio Riccini from 1972 to 2006.  Edilio Riccini, though born in Rome, has lived in Cefalu for 30 years now, finding the beauty of the area perfect for his works of art!


Daily, he creates works of art that you can find in various galleries around Italy.  With around 150 works he’s created between those years of 1972 through 2006, you can see exquisite beauty. Taking materials that would be considered waste to many, such as packaging that once held water, bananas or even eggs, along with wreckage he’s found in shipyards, Riccini truly does something amazing!



Francesco Liberto ” painter, poet, and designer

Francesco Liberto

Francesco Liberto is a painter, poet, and designer, he loves to bring a touch of Cefalu in his artistry.  A way that will unite the Sicilian world to a New World, using his artistic ability to create not only history but memories of a time of long ago.

Stories that include legends as well as myths, and more.  Francesco got his love of these stories as told by his grandfather.  An artist who brings Cefalu and Sicily to the shores of New York.  Inventing and telling a story through his works of art, showing a beauty that few may ever see.

francesco libero

Francesco takes the love of both country and works hard to create something that many will love.  He loves his studio in Cefalu, he says it’s a city that truly loves unconditionally.  He dedicated one of his shorts called T’Amo Cefalu to the city.

With work in poetry and drawings his art offers you a chance to see how he truly feels of his homeland.  Plus an inspiration he gets from New York as well.  He is an artist that you should check out!

Biologic Farm: Azienda Biologica Catalfamo

Biologic Farm: Azienda Biologica Catalfamo

Want to see just what a biological farm looks like?  While visiting Cefalu, check out Azienda Biologica Catalfamo.  Full of trees, fruit, olive and vegetables as well.  Not only that they have a small zoo to view as well, including horses, donkeys and other animals.  Walk through the woods and see some of nature, like hedgehogs, roe-deer or even foxes.  Plus you’ll see a variety of birds too.  It’s beautiful and a place where you can forget about the outside world.

azienda agricola catalfamo


Even a spot where you can choose to spend a bit of time!  They have apartments that you can rent to enjoy this lovely area for a longer bit of time.  Whether you want a small studio or a larger 2 bedroom, they have both available.

Staying in one of those places will give you the chance to enjoy the farm even more and to view Lake Garda as well.  With oaks, orchards of fruit trees and the olive trees, plus some of the most extraordinary orchids you can see in the wild.

You can enjoy a walk or climb some of the steeper hills, and even try some mountain biking or surfing as well.  This location is one that will offer you so much to do and so many opportunities for pictures to take to share with loved ones back home!

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