Ti Vitti Restaurant

This up and coming restaurant interestingly enough is named after a traditional Sicilian card game, and is run by Vincenzo Collara. The pasta, cannoli and fish dishes that are cooked up at this restaurant are unlike any other, and are created using nothing but the freshest ingredients from the local market.


The menu at the Ti Vitti is based on what is in season, such as swordfish and some of the special treats that are sourced locally, such as the basilisco mushrooms that come from the Monte Madonie. During the winter time, the menu at the Ti Vitti is down to three secondi, three primi and three antipasti, which is all extremely fresh based on what is available at the local market during that day. The Ti Vitti proposes typical Sicilian dishes that are traditional through their tastes and colors.


The name, Ti Vitti, comes from the traditional Sicilian card game, “vitti you get on and off”, which is inspired from the Sicilian dialect that means “I saw you”. The game is played by trying to get one of the players to break a rule, such as speaking, and is a game that is usually taught to children.

To inquire further about their menu, or about what’s in season, you can visit their website at ristorantetivitti.com, or call them at 39 0921 921571.

Al Faro restaurant

The Al Faro is one of Cefalu’s many hidden gems, as you will only see it clearly if you walk along the coastline towards the lighthouse, which is the restaurant itself. This amazing restaurant is just a ten minute walk down the coast, and provides seats that are outside of the restaurant itself, right by the sea, to have a quiet, romantic atmosphere to it.


The main dishes that are offered at the Al Faro are seafood cuisine, all locally caught and prepared fresh, which are available for a reasonable price. One of the waiters, Mimmo, who is favored by tourists and locals alike, is always ready with menus in hand. One of the favorites that is served at the Al Faro, one of the appetizers, is the grilled pecorino cheese that comes with a delicious cherry topping. Some of the noted seafood that is nothing but authentic, are the squid carpaccios and all of the fish that can be ordered. The Al Faro also serves amazing pastas, not just seafood, such as the homemade pasta with mushrooms and shrimp.


If you are unable to reach the Al Faro by the coast; however, it’s a simple walk straight out of the center of town, and is very easily accessed if you are in a car. Unlike the majority of the restaurants in town, you can reach the Al Faro by car. The best time to visit is right before the sun sets because of the tables that overlook the ocean, and will create the best ambiance if you are visiting the restaurant with your sweetheart.


The Al Faro is one of Cefalu’s prized gems that everyone absolutely loves, and is one that everyone should discover. You can give them a call at +39. 0921 424409 to inquire about their menu.  More

Very very nice and friendly with excellent food ” La Brace Cefalu”

La Brace Restaurant Cefalu

A beautiful location for some fine food and dining is the La Brace Restaurant in Cefalu. In a fabulous cathedral style building that is in the Arab-Norman architecture.  The windows that are stained glass make this setting ideal for a lovely night out on the town!


After you’ve done eating you can walk through town, visit with people and enjoy the views that are offered in Cefalu.  From the sandy beaches or the overhanging rocks that are filled with vegetation.  This could be the perfect location to pop that special question to your loved one!


This beauty is what convinced the proprietors of La Brace to move in 1976 and open this restaurant for al to enjoy.  If you want great food, good atmosphere and nice prices, this is the place to visit when in Cefalu!

website: http://www.ristorantelabrace.com


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The Nangalarruni Restaurant

Italy has some of the best restaurants that the world has to offer, especially when it comes to the ingredients that are used. At the Nangalarruni Ristorante, only the freshest mushrooms are used, especially since they specialize in this ingredient more than others. With amazing appetizers, first courses and main courses that all include mushrooms, how could you not love this place? If you are a mushroom fanatic then this is the restaurant for you, without a doubt.

One of the dishes that is recommended by the chefs is the Bollicine Bruschette and Oil Novello, which is loin smoked in tobacco along with a salad of oranges and cooked must that is reduced, roast beef with orange, flan mushrooms and potato soup with leek. This dish was phenomenal and highly recommended for anyone who is looking for something that they have never tasted before, or anything remotely close.

The restaurant overall has such a friendly, welcoming traditional Italian ambiance to it, even the locals comment on how amazing it is, and gives everyone a taste of something different. Quality ingredients, including the freshest mushrooms you will ever find, are the only thing allowed on the menu here. You can really taste how fresh the ingredients are, like the mushrooms were picked seconds before they were put on a plate. Specific meals are created to enhance the overall flavor, which just adds to the performance that these finished plates give off

Nangalarruni Restaurant Website

Pizzeria al Girotondo

pizzeria girotondo cefaluThis phenomenal pizza place is located smack dab in the middle of Cefalu, and use a wooden stove to cook each of their pizzas. They offer pizza that is prepared with excellent, fresh, quality ingredients to suit any and all tastes, with bruschetta available as well. This delicious pizzeria also offers a large selection of appetizers and pizzas that include seafood, organic vegetables and anything you can think of.

You are able to choose pre-built pizzas, or you can create your own with their range of condiments available. They also serve some of the best wines and beers in all of Cefalu, which proves that this pizzeria has everything. Everything created in this pizzeria follows the traditional Neapolitan recipe, and baked in a wood oven to enhance the overall crunchiness, flavor and fragrance.

Pizzeria al Girotondo Website