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Scooter for Rent was created in 1985, thanks to an innovative local tourist entrepreneur. We are known for the professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail that we provide our customers. Most of our business is repeat business, because our customer satisfaction is high.
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Rent a Scooter in Cefalu

Excursions to the Gorges of Tiberius

The Gorges of Tiberius, site Geopark recognized by UNESCO, are located along the river Pollina in the Madonie Park in the San Mauro Castelverde. Gole, about 400 meters long and as high as up to 50 meters, are made up of limestone rocks formed in the upper Triassic.


The visit to the Gorges of Tiberius is a trip back in time, in a wild and unknown accessible to all, but recommended only to those who truly love the unspoiled nature, silence and live a unique sensory experience to discover a primordial world dating back some 200 million years ago a completely preserved even today, as very few other places in the world, where the changing seasons and plasma model the surrounding ecosystem.


Visiting the Gorges means discovering fossils of gastropods, the many bird nests also just inches from the water, the numerous caves once inhabited by bandits and legends related to them and to the place, that of the famous Miricu, the Truatura and Monster, the play of light that are created between the water and the walls, the contrast between the warm winds outside and cool inside, and if you are lucky, even the eagle in flight.



Ippo club Cefalu

Ippo Club Cefalu

Enjoy a bit of riding fun by visiting the Ippo club in Cefalu next time you visit this awesome Sicily location.  Horses are wonderful creatures of nature and one that is simply majestic to ride.


With the professional staff at Ippo Club they will give you lessons if you’ve never ridden as well. This means your young child can learn to ride from an early age.  Ippo Club will set your child up with one of the more quiet animals for the lessons, which will help your child feel even more secure as they get on the back of these beautiful animals.


Also with Ippo Club you can check out their various excursions!  A way to have fun and learn a new hobby, this is what they offer you at Ippo Club in Cefalu!


Keep Fit While On Vacation In Cefalu

One of the biggest problems many people face while on vacation is that they gain weight.  However, when you are at Cefalu this doesn’t have to be the case.  You just need to visit while in town and you’ll be just fine.

Pulling up the web page you can see they offer all kinds of exercise, from the lower impact options to high impact, high fat burning choices.  Whether you are a beginner at step aerobics, or an expert, you can find a class that will fit your needs.  What that means is you won’t have to worry about gaining weight while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Sicily in Cefalu!

athletic center cefalu

With many options like weight lifting that you can do by yourself, or hire a personal trainer to make sure you focus on the right parts of your body.  Or what about core training to get your core into shape, and have all the energy you need to visit the local beaches and more!

So if you feel bad about not sticking to a program you started at home, don’t worry, you have a way to stay in shape while on vacation in Cefalu!  Just visit them when you are there, and let them know what you want to accomplish, and they will help you out!  A staff that is courteous and highly trained, you couldn’t ask for a better vacation.

Norwegian Activities and Sports in town

Cefalu offers Norwegian friends a chance to enjoy the lovely Sicily location and also enjoy plenty of sports and activities while vacationing.  Each year you can visit Cefalu and enjoy a visit to the fitness center in town, or you can do something outdoors.

Plenty of trekking around options are available in Cefalu, and you can enjoy other sports lessons as well.  Maybe even try your hand at cooking lessons, so you can learn how to create a fabulous Sicilian meal for your Norwegian friends and other new friends you meet while in Cefalu!

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“Fun time for kids in beautiful surroundings”

Parco Avventura madonie ,fun time for kids in the Madonie Park

Madonie Park

Parco avventura petralia one special day in Cefalu


This is a fun adventure playground among the trees in the stunning area of the Madonie mountains in Sicily. It offers rope/ladder walking from tree to tree, cable slides and so on at various levels of difficulty (starting 3/4 years old up to adults). There is also an area for bbq and picnic. It is run by very nice young people. English not great but you need to watch rather than listen to instructions (how to attach the harness, how to go from tree to tree, etc.). It also offers tents in the trees, mountain biking, archery, etc.


Also known as Nordic Walking, this activity may just seem like a regular nature walk, but with the use of very special sticks. These sticks give you the ability to push the highest number of muscles in your body to increase your energy expenditure. It also promotes an exercise level of cardio circulatory that will bring many benefits. This type of activity is great for those of all ages, even children, and is great for your heart and your circulatory system, it strengthens your shoulders and your arms, improves your back’s posture and tones your buttocks and legs. By taking part in this activity with a qualified instructor, learning the correct techniques are incredibly easy.

You do not have to walk through forests or mountains either, doing this through the streets will still bring all the benefits, when you practice this technique for up to 4 hours at a time. This means you can get your daily errands completed, while practicing the technique at the same time. Nordic Walking the streets of Cefalu, Castelbuono or even walking through the Madonie is one of the best things that you could ever do for yourself, especially if you have an experienced instructor.

Quad Excursions

Trecking through the city streets is one way to discover Italy, but if you are more adventurous and want to see what nature has to offer, going on a quad excursion is the best way to do so. The woods and the path of the Madonie are literally the definition of complete freedom considering the fact that these areas are completely uncontaminated, magical, unique and are easily accessible by quads.


Taking a quad out into Madonie Park gives you full access to the fauna and flora that composes approximately 70% of birds, such as eagles and hawks, and 60% of mammals, such as foxes, deer, and boars. When you reach the highest peaks of this amazing park, you are able to enjoy the incredible view of Madonie, that is characterized by woods and trails. By going on a quad excursion through Madonie, you will have the opportunity to discover the landscape and the beautiful views of the various caves, as well as Pollina’s famous river.


These excursions allow you to breathe everything in, all of the smells that you would normally miss, as well as all the sights that you literally cannot get anywhere else. Madonie Park is a place that very few have the opportunity to enjoy, but when you are on a quad, it becomes that much more enhanced.