Francesco Liberto ” painter, poet, and designer

Francesco Liberto

Francesco Liberto is a painter, poet, and designer, he loves to bring a touch of Cefalu in his artistry.  A way that will unite the Sicilian world to a New World, using his artistic ability to create not only history but memories of a time of long ago.

Stories that include legends as well as myths, and more.  Francesco got his love of these stories as told by his grandfather.  An artist who brings Cefalu and Sicily to the shores of New York.  Inventing and telling a story through his works of art, showing a beauty that few may ever see.

francesco libero

Francesco takes the love of both country and works hard to create something that many will love.  He loves his studio in Cefalu, he says it’s a city that truly loves unconditionally.  He dedicated one of his shorts called T’Amo Cefalu to the city.

With work in poetry and drawings his art offers you a chance to see how he truly feels of his homeland.  Plus an inspiration he gets from New York as well.  He is an artist that you should check out!

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