“What a great surprise.”

Astro suite sul mare , what a great suprise for your holiday in Cefalu

Cefalu hotels

Cefalu hotel by the beach ,Astro suite sul mare

This is a very comfortable, truly seaside location- the only thing between you and the water is the street. The views are great. The pool in front is a very nice touch, and makes a great place to sun even on windy days. You are out of the old town and the noise that is inevitably present, but close enough to easily walk to it and to the incredible restaurants therein.
The staff at Astro are very helpful and friendly, the rooms are very clean, and depending on which one, can be spacious.
It’s a great place to park yourself for a few days or even more. The kitchen is a nice addition, and the nearby supermarket has everything you’ll need. Including a sumptuous deli and a pretty good selection of wine.

book your stay in the Astro suite Cefalu now to gurantee your stay in one of the best place in the town of Cefalu

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