Also known as Nordic Walking, this activity may just seem like a regular nature walk, but with the use of very special sticks. These sticks give you the ability to push the highest number of muscles in your body to increase your energy expenditure. It also promotes an exercise level of cardio circulatory that will bring many benefits. This type of activity is great for those of all ages, even children, and is great for your heart and your circulatory system, it strengthens your shoulders and your arms, improves your back’s posture and tones your buttocks and legs. By taking part in this activity with a qualified instructor, learning the correct techniques are incredibly easy.

You do not have to walk through forests or mountains either, doing this through the streets will still bring all the benefits, when you practice this technique for up to 4 hours at a time. This means you can get your daily errands completed, while practicing the technique at the same time. Nordic Walking the streets of Cefalu, Castelbuono or even walking through the Madonie is one of the best things that you could ever do for yourself, especially if you have an experienced instructor.

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