Quad Excursions

Trecking through the city streets is one way to discover Italy, but if you are more adventurous and want to see what nature has to offer, going on a quad excursion is the best way to do so. The woods and the path of the Madonie are literally the definition of complete freedom considering the fact that these areas are completely uncontaminated, magical, unique and are easily accessible by quads.


Taking a quad out into Madonie Park gives you full access to the fauna and flora that composes approximately 70% of birds, such as eagles and hawks, and 60% of mammals, such as foxes, deer, and boars. When you reach the highest peaks of this amazing park, you are able to enjoy the incredible view of Madonie, that is characterized by woods and trails. By going on a quad excursion through Madonie, you will have the opportunity to discover the landscape and the beautiful views of the various caves, as well as Pollina’s famous river.


These excursions allow you to breathe everything in, all of the smells that you would normally miss, as well as all the sights that you literally cannot get anywhere else. Madonie Park is a place that very few have the opportunity to enjoy, but when you are on a quad, it becomes that much more enhanced.

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