Charmiga Cefalu


The charter bet again on the flight to Sicily’s northern coast. There is Cefalù a timeless classic in the small format – a friendly seaside resort where medieval meets modern town. With short distances between the hot beaches and cool alleys stands Cefalù for good balance. In addition, there are close to both the Sicilian wild mountains and the city of Palermo.

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An authentic stay while enjoying the view of Cefalu

Villa Palomina is a beautifully restored two storey villa situated on a hillside near Cefalu with pretty gardens, a pool and gorgeous sea views. Restored by Crispino Valenziano with care and furnished with style, the villa and grounds offer plenty of space to relax in beautiful surroundings. The interiors have a ‘contemporary coastal’ look with whitewashed walls and wooden beams, grey floors and well-chosen fabrics and furniture made of natural materials.


The living and dining and kitchen areas are on the ground floor, while upstairs there are two double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms which work well for two couples.  A further bedroom with four single beds and a family bathroom make it ideal for family groups.

vista villa

Outside, a large partially covered terrace is the place to dine in style and relax.  The terrace leads to an attractive garden with its palm trees and a variety of plants.  A pool with decking and sun loungers sets the scene for relaxing in the Sicilian sun.  The coastal town of Cefalu is just a 15 minute drive away for shops, restaurants and a long, sandy beach.
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The Sicilian Wine Ghost

Pär Strömberg – About Cefalu 


A writer and consultant who after many years in Sweden now lives with his family back in Copenhagen, Thomas Ilkjær is a frequent and familiar face in the Nordic wine world. He has won numerous titles for his dedication to and knowledge about wine, especially Italian varieties. He is the co-founder and manager of Swedish/Danish sommelier education at Vinakademiet (the Wine Academy) where he also teaches

Keep Fit While On Vacation In Cefalu

One of the biggest problems many people face while on vacation is that they gain weight.  However, when you are at Cefalu this doesn’t have to be the case.  You just need to visit while in town and you’ll be just fine.

Pulling up the web page you can see they offer all kinds of exercise, from the lower impact options to high impact, high fat burning choices.  Whether you are a beginner at step aerobics, or an expert, you can find a class that will fit your needs.  What that means is you won’t have to worry about gaining weight while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Sicily in Cefalu!

athletic center cefalu

With many options like weight lifting that you can do by yourself, or hire a personal trainer to make sure you focus on the right parts of your body.  Or what about core training to get your core into shape, and have all the energy you need to visit the local beaches and more!

So if you feel bad about not sticking to a program you started at home, don’t worry, you have a way to stay in shape while on vacation in Cefalu!  Just visit them when you are there, and let them know what you want to accomplish, and they will help you out!  A staff that is courteous and highly trained, you couldn’t ask for a better vacation.

The Museum In Cefalu A Nice Day To Explore Cefalu History

Museo Mandralisca in Cefalu, Siciliy COMMISSIONED FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE

If you visit Cefalu, the wonderful and beautiful location in Sicily, there is a must see spot, it’s the museum.  A place where you can find wonderful art, and so much more.  The Museo Mandralisca is a spot that will have any visit to this location topped with seeing some of the best art in the area, and some once hidden treasures.

Cefalu used to be a location that very few people knew about, but now it’s become the spot to vacation!  With beaches, mountains, and beauty beyond any expectation, it’s really a spot to visit at least one time in your life, if not many!

You’ll find the museum down a short side street, and not at all too far from the location of the cathedral.  The collection is wonderful and was placed thanks to the work of Enrico Piraino (1809-64), he was the Baron of Mandralisca.  A man who loved archaeology and was an amateur, he helped in excavating the island Lipari.

Perhaps one of the greatest treasures you’ll find in the museum is the Ignoto Marinaio, painted by Antonello da Messina.  With only a few of his paintings having survived to modern day, it’s quite nice to see one of the dozen that is left in this museum.  If you visit the Museo Mandralisca you have a chance to see this masterpiece among many other wonderful works of art!

Best Choice of Ever!!!

Hotel Alberi del Paradiso is really gorgeous place ,the staff very friendly and kind. We loved the pool area. Very nice and always well-cleaned room on the highest floor.

Faboulous breakfast buffet with lots of local products.
Useful shuttle bus service that goes to the old town/private beach. Agreed with the Eco initiatives of the hotel!

A special mention for the girls at the reception, excellent and very friendly service with a smile.
Nothing to complain…keep it up!!! Absolutely recommended!!!

alberi del paradiso

alberi del paradiso reception

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My Visit in Cefalu

Linda Lindforff is the name, and you can find my blog at  I’ve been visiting Cefalu for many years, and this year I stayed at a fabulous villa named Villa Borghetto.  This place was the best I’ve seen in many locations.

As you can see from all the pictures we were near a beach and the kids and I got to enjoy them each day we stayed in Cefalu.  The people in this location are the best too, so friendly and pleasant, willing to help you with just about anything.

Plus the museum in the area gave me a chance to share the local culture and history with the kids as well.  Talk about a well-rounded trip of not only fun, but education as well!

If you are looking for a new vacation spot, check out Cefalu too.  You’ll find the beaches are fabulous, the scenery is wondrous, and the people are second to none.  Try and stay at the same villa as we did, you won’t be sorry!






Find A Friend In Cefalu

In Cefalu you’ll find the friendliest people in the world.  A highly loved destination located in Sicily, it’s really a spot to discover so much beauty and beaches.  Many people love the beaches they can visit in Cefalu, while others love the fact they can meet up with locals who are friendly and will gladly share a bit of wine and some great stories about the area!  So take a trip and maybe you’ll run into the locals like Peppe, Paulo, or Billy, and hear their fabulous stories, while sharing that wine!


Massimo,peppe,billy and Paolo

Norwegian Activities and Sports in town

Cefalu offers Norwegian friends a chance to enjoy the lovely Sicily location and also enjoy plenty of sports and activities while vacationing.  Each year you can visit Cefalu and enjoy a visit to the fitness center in town, or you can do something outdoors.

Plenty of trekking around options are available in Cefalu, and you can enjoy other sports lessons as well.  Maybe even try your hand at cooking lessons, so you can learn how to create a fabulous Sicilian meal for your Norwegian friends and other new friends you meet while in Cefalu!

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Our Norwegian friend in Cefalu

Frode visited Cefalu many years in a row, ten to be exact.  He loved the change from Norway to Sicily, and decided to buy some land in 2012.  On that land he is building his retirement home, and will move there when he is done with his working years.  The reasons he picked Cefalu is because it’s beautiful, and he has met so many great people over the past 10 years during his stays.  He now feels like this is his home away from home, and soon it will be his new home!  Frode had all his dreams come true, maybe you can too, plan a stay at Cefalu and see what he’s enjoyed so many times!



A nice stay with friends