Aleister Crowley was an eclectic and controversial character: artist, poet, Mystic, occultist and British thinker who can be considered one of the key figures in the history of esotericism and founder of modern occultism.

Crowley lived for about three years in Cefalù with his followers and was subsequently expelled from it for a fascist Ministerial Ordinance, for rites based on obscene behavior.

He dedicated his 72 years of life into sexual and magical rituals involving men, women and animals. He joined the Freemasonry and embraced various religions, and then break away from each of them, in favor of the cult of Thelema in which he saw  himself the new Messiah.

Historical, cultural and artistic heritage linked to Aleister Crowley in Cefalù, the Thelema abbey, is one of the most demolished places in Italy and perhaps in the world. Today it appears as an abandoned building and in disrepair, but has known days of lust and sin.

Thelema Abbey Cefalù” has organized for 2015 an interesting free meeting with the purpose of clarification, denials and unpublished information on Crowley and Thelema Abbey and to finance the project of the first museum of Crowley in Cefalù!.


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